Broadsheet Communications is a full-service PR and marketing agency based in New York. We work with startups and established brands to increase valuations, drive sales and build trust. Our approach is interconnected and combines traditional PR with digital strategies to inform audiences, influence buying decisions, and deliver tangible ROI.

Broadsheet Communications was founded by Ben Billingsley who brings more than 20 years of experience working with high-profile media, technology, and consumer electronics companies.

Broadsheet is not just a print format, but a way of thinking. It’s an ethos based in old-school, roll-up-your sleeves, get on the phone, hard work. In a digital-first world of social engagement and virtual soundbites, marketing diligence and an innovative cross-media approach to communications is the ONLY thing that drives editorially-engaged press in top-tier journals. Anything less than strategic savviness and a painstaking dedication to execution will leave your brand on the outside looking in.



Positioned Nielsen’s Total Audience framework as the future of cross platform audience measurement. Promoted strategic data and technology acquisitions including eXelate and Gracenote.

Acquired by Nielsen

IPO Imaging


Positioned Auditude as the leader in video ad management and monetization technologies for premium publishers and media companies. Helped to position the company in advance of acquisition by Adobe.


Introduced the New York Times paid model for online content with an emphasis on reaching digital influencers. Today the paywall is considered one of the most celebrated in journalism.

Acquired by Yahoo!

Acquired by Adobe


Launched the leading web site for helping families find childcare, senior care, special needs care, tutoring, pet care, and housekeeping.

Acquired by Cox

Acquired by Yahoo!

AdAge Innovators Award

Acquired by Knight Ridder

Created the category of online news and established as the leading news web site. Introduced online journalism by promoting original content, breaking news and interactive features.